Band Handlers IS AN EXPERIENCED Band Manager IN THE Greater-Dallas MUSIC SCENE.

Since 2007 Band Handlers has been booking gigs in Dallas, Denton, and Beyond!

Having worked with many venues in the area including The Prophet Bar (Dallas), The Green Elephant (Dallas), The Liquid Lounge (Dallas), JJ’s Basement (Denton), and many many more.

Working with Artist and Bands such as, Original Formula, Anova, Signals & Alibis, The Heligoats, John Lefler, David Joshua, Ol’ Jug of Whiskey, Neverset, Artemus, The Phuss, Just The Tip, Robert Sarazin Blake, The Dig, Rachel Reis, Grassfight, The Demigs and Clem Snide.

With a wide range of influences and being seen as an influencer Band Handlers is set to take your act to the next stage, or studio, or video!