Fuel the machine


today I got up way too early (5am), finished half a 7up from a 20oz bottle, did some schoolwork, went to the office at 8am. Had an oversized coffee with creamer, but no sugar. Then came back to the house just now to get some work-from-home action going on and remembered that I didn't have any sort of substantive breakfast. 

So here I sit, typing this post furiously into my iPhone while I knock back a tall glass of BLUE MACHINE by Naked.



By far my favorite of the Naked juice line. But coming in a close second is green machine. My plan is to alternate breakfast juices every week or so as funding permits. 

I wanted to thank you again dear reader for following along my blogging activity and if you have any suggestions or want to share a story on my blog, reach out via the "contact me" page and tell me all about it. I'd love to share your story as we all work through the process of turning our lives around and getting healthier.