Winner winner chicken dinner

Again with the planning ahead my wife wanted to do BBQ chicken sandwiches. Since we had a couple chicken breasted left over from this weekends grilling party with my best friends Blake and Sara.  

One thing to be wary of. Fresh chicken goes bad. Had a grilling party on 2/10/17 and the chicken warned to use or freeze by 2/11/17. We'll. When I opened it today on 2/13/17 i was struck in the face by what I can only describe as boiled fart. The thickest, spiciest sulphur smell I have ever had the displeasure of smelling. I can not over exaggerate this. I have visited old faithful and all the sulphur geysers throughout Yellowstone National Park. This experiance of was one I will never forget, if the use by date has passed on fresh meat, I will forever more just throw it away still sealed. 

Now that I have that off my chest. Here is the snap of the delicious chicken sandwich. Yes the meal went on as planned because my wonderful wife stopped by the Whole Foods and picked up some new chicken tenders. 



Seen here: Chicken tenders, sweet baby rays original sauce, Archer Farms poultry grilling spices, and unrefined bakery's 5 grain bread (roughly the size of a pack of cards)