A New Year: Finding my way again

I hate writing this on this blog. I failed. 387 pounds at the end of the day, in nothing but my Under Armor Boxers. I have failed myself. But I'm letting all that go. Putting it behind me as it is of no use. New Year New You, all that good self pep talk.

Lets look at the Q4 Chart.

11/11 make a wish........

11/11 make a wish........

So, today, I sit, wishing I could grab November 11th me by the ears and shout in his face. But that doesn't help me, doesn't help you, doesn't help anyone.

In this Year of 2017 I am attacking on all fronts. I am going to eat right, exercise more, and increase my brain power.

1. No Dairy, Soda, or adding sugar to my meal items (work coffee etc...)

2. 10,000 steps a day. It works, I know it works, no just to get back to it.

3. I am enrolled in college again with a path to get my B.S. in Business Management by the end of the year.


So stick with my my faithful and we will kick this year firmly in the ass.