Week 7 of Mantis Kung Fu

In my seventh week of Mantis Kung Fu, I feel more relaxed than I have since I quit smoking.

Previously, when things set me to tilt, I would just go smoke. For the last 13 months I have not a had a single cigarette but I have been inexcusably irritable.

I'm reaching that point in the organized class work out where I am getting into the core of myself and deciding if this is really for me, or not...

I attended twice weekly and for an hour in the evening I get to be amazed at the dedication, confidence, and drive of my fellow students.

As a matter of school pride, our Sifu just won the grand champion cup at the legends of King fu tournament this last week, other members of the school placed and as a team brought back 16 medals and the previously mentioned grand champion cup.

I have been asked to take part in the advancement testing to move from unranked to white sash the second weekend of August. I have been assigned a direct mentor to bring any of my Kung Fu concerns to and am closing in on what I think will be a passing performance of martial forms, skills, and theories I should know by test time.

All of this and I'm excessively out of shape. Kung Fu is a bit unforgiving in that category, but I accept that challenge. I've been more mindful of my eating habits and spend less time on the couch.

All in all joining my friends that have embarked on the journey of learning Kung Fu I feel that I made the right choice. I feel that Kung fu has filled a missing part of my identity.

Years ago I practiced Tae Kwan Do, but that was more because my older brother did. I think I've always felt a call to martial arts as "my thing" but I either wasn't ready at that age (middle school) or I deep down knew I wasn't satisfied with the style of the martial art. Where-as with Mantis Kung Fu it's nearly meditative and strictly defensive .

I've rambled long enough. Thanks for reading.

Kung Fu, Open to everyone

Kung Fu, Open to everyone