Thursday off track... but theres a reason!

So, lets start with the chart:

Looks bleak, but theres a method.

Looks bleak, but theres a method.

So, You have to be wondering why i'm giving my self so much leeway. 

Well take this weeks schedule into account. 

  • Monday 4:00pm-5:00p 1st Personal Trainer session
  • Wednesday 8:15p-9:30p 1st Kung Fu Mantis Style Training.

Knowing that I had those two events coming up. I decided to take it easy on myself in the event I go too sore or ended up with an actual injury. 

Now on the other side of these events I have learned things about myself and am ready to proceed with my regular plan. I have signed up for Kung Fu for the foreseeable future. 

EDIT: This Post was supposed to Post on 6/9/16 I have been a  bit behind, but that will come in the next post.