How did week 4 go?

Well, made the weekly average of 70k for the first time during my focused progress. I am very happy about that. Lets go to the chart.

Week 4, in review.

Week 4, in review.

What is going on with those HUGE GAPS OF INACTIVITY. Well frankly my friend, the answer is Overwatch by Blizzard.

The video game is exhilarating, and at its best with friends. I recommend it highly even though it nearly side tracked my ability to get my steps in. I argue that it helped by Sunday. The game is so very excellent, that I knew I needed to get my steps done so I could play some more. 

Enough about the video game for now. Sunday had another big improvement.


My wife has been wanting to get a gym membership, so we signed up at Texas Family Fitness here in The Colony. They where running a pretty great discount so we signed up and are locked in at less than $20 a month for the both of us. I am excited to have access to all the weight lifting equipment. I have been wanting to add that into my routine and this will be more than possible now that I have a membership to a great gym.

This being my first visit in over a year, I took it easy and tried to get a feel for what my weights are on various machines. I have clearly lost some strength since I've been away, but I am sure I will get it back over time.

With our member ship I also get one free Personal Trainer session. An old friend of mine from high-school is a trainer at this gym and I look forward to training with him today and having him completely kick my ass, and set me on the right path.

This trainer competes at various fitness things and even trained and tried out for American Ninja Warrior. I fully expect to report back tonight that I am worn out if not crippled.

In the mean time, I tank you for reading and following me over to my new blog on Squarespace.