Trail Ridge Road

HELLO THERE, Hello There, hello there, hello there

A bit echoey today huh? 

Well thats becasue this is a break from the normal to give you some beautiful pictures of Trail Ridge Road from Colorado. More words after the pictures.

That last photo is the inescapable "cat tax" and no, Gizmo and Widget didn't get to come along on our adventure. These lovely dudes where being looked after by my best friend, best man at my wedding, and heterosexual life-mate: blake. 

Yes, before you ask, My wife and I are wearing a couples t-shirt scheme. She has on a sweet Jurassic World T-shirt While I am rocking a super faded Jurassic Park T-shirt. Why? Becasue we are adorable god-dammit.

Seen on this 48 mile journey over the Continental Divide at Milner Pass (elev. 10,758 ft or 3,279 m) and reaches a maximum elevation of 12,183 ft (3,713 m)

Stolen from wikipedia! click to learn more!

Stolen from wikipedia! click to learn more!

There is something magical about driving, and driving and driving (at 20-35mph) to the point that all the trees stop growing, up at an altitude that is too tough for trees! 

This is just another one of those things that I did when I was younger that I had always hoped to show my wife sometime. She was enthused by every little thing. Every couple of miles was another turn off/look out point. Most of those connected to various hiking trails. Given more time, I am fairly certain I'll come back here and spend the day going off on various trails with her. But we where unfortunately timing it to do this then appear in Fort Collins for dinner so a bit more rushed than I would have liked. 

Also full disclosure, I was terrified during most of the driving. I have a rough time with heights, but for my wife I just 'knuckled down' and 'acted like a man' or whatever macho B.S. you want to call it. 

Thanks for reading and we will return to the weight loss discussions in the next update!