Traveling traveling dramamine.

Hey gang. Sorry for the missed Thursday post. This is another one coming at you right from my cell phone and I'll edit it later.  

Professionally, I'm required to travel often. I have been blessed recently with a lot of at home time and it's been fairly excellent. But the time has come and I am sitting here at a conference cocktail reception in the lobby of the Omni Interlaken Resort in Broomfield, CO.  

I'll stop the rumors right now, I am not going to partake in any marijuana products while I'm here at work. It's the kind of thing that could get me fired as I work closely with banks and armored car companies.  

I got in yesterday after a delayed flight leaving Dallas. Got to the hotel and my boss wanted to go out for a walk around the golf course. Got to my 10,000 steps no problem.  

I have found that just getting to and fro in the airport is an automatic 25% of the goal. Toss in some intentional mindless wandering up and down the concourse I clears 60% of my goal before getting to baggage claim in Denver. 

This was a cool way to get me to get back in gear for my 10,000 steps a day goal. First time reaching goal this week and I hope to make sure it's not my last. 

I will warn though. That starting Sunday afternoon I'm on vacation and my wife is flying in to check out MT. Evans (more on that later) and to meet our new niece that my sister in law and my brother moved to Colorado to have. Also some more on that later. Very exciting times.