Thoughts about the week

Think think think

Think think think

Down to 377.7 pounds as of this morning. It's good to see I'm making progress. Even though I have been taking it easy on the 10000 steps thing. 

I owe it to myself to start really pushing for that again. It clearly worked. In conjunction with the hardcore soylent diet. I blast through 20 pounds in 4 weeks. 

Then I slipped up and have been fighting my way back. The wind is blowing a different way and I'm just not motivated to get myself perfectly aligned.  

My martial arts training should be digging into the root cause and obliterating the excuses I'm making for myself. It just isn't... Yet. I hope to get some one on one time with my mentor soon and express my concerns as 377 pound man, the group jogging exercise is defeating my will to attend. 

I of course write this while sitting in a car parked in front of the dojo. So I haven't given up yet. I do accept that this training will be challenging. I just need some acknowledgement on the instructors part that, if I step out, to not make a big deal about it. The tuition I pay for this could go to other pursuits. The treadmill alone obviously works.

I will also say. That moving everything to squarespace has been a real treat. Their mobile apps are minimalistic and fully featured. Oxymoronic I know, but they make good us of tap and hold or double taps to acces different section of the app. I will however still need to edit it online and add all the relevant tags. But that is mostly due to my Kung Fu class about to begin, at least, more so than any deficincy in the app.