Lets talk about 6, baby.

Week Six! 

Week Six!

Week Six!

Week Six!

Week Six!

At this point, I contemplated just writing Week Six! and publish the post. But, Week six needs some explaining. Mainly, I felt terrible all week. A little under the weather and dizzy. 

Monday night I attended my 2nd ever Kung Fu class I was paired with a Mentor, but I'll cover Kung fu in another post.

Tuesday was a bit shaky and warm all over, but I was also heart broken because my Withings Pulse died after ~3 years of abuse. I attempted to let my phone track my movement for the day, but I would often leave it charging on the desk, because I got into the habit.

Wednesday I was bed ridden for most of the day. stayed home from work and took a ton of vitamins and juice and water. I wasn't snotty or anything, just really dizzy and a head ache. Around 4pm I started feeling a lot better and at 8pm I decided to try Kung Fu. For whatever reason working out till all of my clothes where soaked with sweat made me feel even better. I was also encouraged as my Mother brought me an early birthday gift, A Withings Activité Steel watch. I had told her my pulse died and she overnighted a replacement. this made me really want to put it to work.

Thursday and Friday I was totally fine but at this point I was already in the habit of being more relaxed, 10 days of slacking off by this point, no good.

Saturday I was over at my brothers house playing some Dungeons and Dragons using the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, converted to the Pathfinder ruleset. Doesn't get much nerdier than Home-brewing an obscure module complete with input from an online forum of how the mechanics convert over. But it is honestly some of the only time I get to hangout with my younger brother so I put up with a lot to get to see him once a month.

Saturday night though. Holy snack-fest. I went to my friends House for a VR Party. He got the HTC VIVE on an Alienware Area 51 with 3 Geforce 980's in it. Theres too much to say about how awesome VR is. It really tricks you into believing you are there, even when its all cartoony. I attempted to set the controllers on the counter to free my hands up for a task. When I heard them Click-Clack to the the floor I started feeling terrible. He laughed it off and then applied the wrist straps from then onward.

Aside from that good times, I drank. Alcohol. Whiskey and Root Beer. Warm Sake and Sapporo. A Best Damn Hard Cherry Cola. and possibly another whiskey root beer, it got fuzzy at this point. Played some MarioKart 8 while other people took turns on the VR. Started to feel really dizzy. Like I did back on Wednesday, So I got out of there. Got home fine, removed my contacts from my eyes, started the dishwasher, and went to pass out in bed before the wife got home from work at 1:30am.

Sunday Sunday Sunday... I awoke at 8:00am like a bolt, covered in sweat. The house is kept at an unbearable 69 degrees So I knew something was wrong internally. I went to the living room, wrapped a spare blanket and bundled up to pass back out. But sleep didn't come, I got back up, made some GSE and Juice, plus some Red Root Extract as per my herbalist wife recommendsstarted up the old playstation and tried to play games till i feel back asleep. successfully played 13 hours of video games. I ate some Quaker Instant Oatmeal to fill me up although I wasn't hungry. Blew my nose a bunch and just sort of suffered all day. Suffered in a real first world problems sense., so i'm not asking for sympathy.

It's important to also point out I gained weight during this time off. roughly 9 pounds. putting me back in the 380 range. Normally I'm more specific with numbers, but I forgot to weigh in this morning. I plan to do so at lunch. I'm still roughly 10 pounds down over six weeks, which isn't terrible. Today is a new day and a new chance to turn it around and start hitting my goal repeatedly. Mark my words. I'M BACK BABY!