When support feels like a burden.


How is it that having family and friends get involved in your 'thing' make it seem more like a chore or burden?

For example, My older brother first turned me on to the Withings ecosystem 4 or 5 years ago. They had released an industry leading bathroom scale. revolutionized the way I would monitor my own well being and work to chart my health. A couple years ago my wife took it a step further and bought me the Withings Pulse O2 that I had mentioned wanting. I used it quit religiously at first got down to a the 320 pound range (I also had a personal trainer at this time) and then work and life started stressing me out and I stopped all progress.

10-12 weeks ago, I relocated the Pulse and although it's in really bad shape, it works well enough for my purpose of getting back into a routine of hitting my daily goal. I slacked for a few weeks, but decided to challenge my older brother and get on each others leaderboard. I continued to just move about as normal not really striving for anything. Then roughly 4 weeks ago, I really step it up (pun intended). I start consistently hitting my goal and blowing past my brother on the leader board with a healthy lead each and everyday. Mothers day rolled around and my brother ordered a Withings Watch for her.

She got it set up last week and consistently hit her goal. Then yesterday nails 140% of the goal where I barley managed 80%.


So I am torn, between being proud of her, getting out and making her steps happen, at the ripe age of 60. Here I am at 30 being left in the dust.

To complicate things further, My father learned his Apple Watch can get in on the action and now the leaderboard is crowded with my immediate family. Letting them know how I am performing at a glance of their own app, has been really digging into my brain in a negative way. I feel more and more that I want to move to a different Tracker Eco System, Possibly the Under Armor Scale and Jawbone Up4.

The Jawbone Up4 was tempting me when it was first announced. It has some more in-depth tracking ability as well as Auto-Sleep sensing. Silent alarms with R.E.M. Cycle timing to help me wake at the optimal time. But with the rumors that Jawbone will be discontinuing the UP brand, I am leery of changing horses at this point in the race.

Back to the original topic. It seems a bit whiny, or even like i'm over analyzing other peoples motives. But it is tough to be making some headway, and then have these other people horn in on your thing. I didn't start this blog for any other reason than to excise the hurdles in my brain. To get them out of my mind and place them else where. Your feedback is welcome, dear reader. But for the time being, please don't show me how much better you are doing than I am.

For now, I'm going to take a lap around the office complex. Hopefully it'll clear my mind a bit and help me realize how they just want to get healthy also. Until then, I will keep plodding along like Sisyphus, making every effort to get my steps in.