In articleThis list contains the only magic/silver/miracle bullet there is to weight loss.  

1. 10,000 steps a day

No excuses. If you tell me you aren't losing the weight you want on your crappy designer diet. Tell me your 7 day steps average is 10k and we'll see what's going on deeper. But if you can't get this one done. You're not committed enough to the rest.


2. Know your actual daily calorie budget

With tools like you can plug in the relevant data and get your calorie budget. If you're reading this. Set yourself as sedentary. "But I did step one, 10k a day" well here's the wake up, that's the bare minimum. That is sedentary. Once you have your calorie budget. Move to step 3.

3. Track your calories in.

If it goes in your mouth, you record it some how. The recommended way is 'myfitnesspal' but seriously. If you eat 12 pieces of pizza, track it. Write it down. Soda, write it down. Sisters birthday cake, write it down. You did the crime, pay the fine. write it down. Don't beat yourself up, that comes later.

4. Beet yourself up

That's a joke, but seriously. Eat vegetables.

5. Do this for 90 days.

You can't do this for a week then complain it's not working. Do it for a trial period of 90 days. This gives you enough data over enough time to see if it's working for you. If you walk 10k a day, track your calories with the goal of your actual TDEE for 90 days and still don't lose weight. Prove it. Send me your my fitness pal page, and proof of your 10,000 steps (easiest with a Fitbit or whitings or jawbone or under armor)

6. Day 91 and beyond....

You're 3 months in, you're committed, you know things about food you never knew before, like a burger is as many calories as the side of fries. You know that you can eat half the Pad Thai for lunch then half for dinner. You'll never pick up another soda. So what now?

7. Push it to the limit

Now that you've increased your base activity level, keep at it, and add in some jogging, maybe sign up for the local 5k race. Do 10 jumping jacks a day adding one extra jack a day for the rest of the year. Blah blah blah. At this point, you'll be energized you'll know what to do to step it up.