Week 2: A Day Late & ~7000 Steps Short


Hey there reader! I wanted to make this my Monday Morning post every week. But this last week took a toll and I was in bed most of Sunday and all day Monday. I'll get into that later.


For now, Here is the chart from last week:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.05.59 PM

62966/70000 steps coming in at 88% of my goal. which, is very respectable to me. I set my brass ring way high, and got close. closer than I have ever been in recent memory.

Saturday night you'll see I pushed really hard from 10-midnight. I was struggling to get to my 10k for the day. I only got to ~8500 but it made my weekly steps hit 60k so I gave myself the leeway and called that good enough.

Waking up Sunday, My head was all stuffy and my throat was sore. I moved from the bed to couch at 8:00a and slept till 11:30a then i shuffled about the house feeling sorry for myself that I wouldn't possibly be able to make my step goal. I did get some laundry done and dishes and made myself lunch, but that was all the more I could manage. I went back to sleep at about 10p but forgot to set the withings to sleep mode.

Looking at this ancillary chart you'll get some more interesting data:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.12.55 AM.png

For a 390 pound guy. I am very pleased with the way this chart looks. I spent 6 hours actively moving around, focused on my fitness, I burned 3200 calories from active exercise, which is roughly 1 pound. We'll look at my calorie intake in the next section.


So, with intentionally tracking calories, I made a yyuuuuge improvement to my health. Using that wonderful site MY TDEE I have been setting myself an aggressive calorie goal. Then I recalculate it after each weigh in. and it will unabashedly remind me that I'm 127 weeks away from my goal. It keeps me in check. That I need to focus on this for a long time, there is no short cut. I have a slow march of 700+ days ahead of me and 9 days behind me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.23.39 AM

In the chart above, The red line indicates 1828 calories for the day. I started too late in the day on Monday to really turn the calorie count around. Wednesday my boss took me to lunch and I did my best to find a fit meal. Then Sunday I was sick and my wife brought me fried cat-fish and shrimp, made popcorn, and Non-Dairy Ben & Jerry's. Being sick and feeling bad for myself I went for it. I don't blame her for bringing me comfort food. I blame myself for eating it all. I am the only one who is putting food in my mouth. It's up to me to not put food in there.

Now, My TDEE states that I burn 2600 calories just being awake. I ate less than that every day so the next chart will be a totally predictable but thrilling ride:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.42.14 AM.png

Now, since this is the first week, a lot of people will be saying. the nearly 11 pounds lost are due to water weight. Which is fine. And that if I don't stay on top of it, it'll all come back. Which is fine. I intend to stay on top of it. I fully anticipate next week will be a shorter drop, but I am still eagerly looking forward to the drop that it will be.

Looking Forward:

Goals for week 3

  • No sodas (I let myself have some diet soda on Saturday, and a few regular soda's during the week, but no more)
  • No candy (I was doing really great at this, until my wife brought home a Krackle bar, I only ended up having one serving, but that was more than I wanted to have)
  • No pizza (I avoided it all week 2, but I wanted it, I want it like I want cigarettes. But the answer is no.)
  • More steps (even with Monday behind me, and i was in bed all day, I plan to work harder and get even more steps this week. If I average 12500 a day through the week I will make up for Monday. So I'm just adding an additional mile or mile and a half to each day)
  • Increase the intensity (in week 2 I spent 6 hours at moderate activity, and only 1 min at intense. The goal is to get more, not setting a specific goal, but just more! more intensity this week)