Thursday Check In


Hey there. I started this week with a last week in review. I wanted to dip in mid week and show off how I've been managing so far. This will be weekly as well. Hopefully it will serve as my motivation to push through the weekend, where my days are less structured. Where i'm more apt to sit on the couch on play Destiny for 13 hours on my PS4.

With that out of the way. Here is my chart so far:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.48.06 PM

With the exception of today between 4p and6:30p I didn't let more than 90 mins go by without some amount of activity. This is one of my personal goals. I hope for this whole weight-loss journey that I manage to not allow myself 2 hours back to back of idleness. For the record, I use the Withings Pulse OX for my activity tracker. Any tracker companies reading this can certainly send me theirs and i'll do a comparison/review of the product. Hell, you can even full on sponsor me if you'd like. My door is open.

Now for the Net Calories:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.04.50 PM

So this represents Calories Consumed - Calories Exercised. The Red line is the Target 1828. Too much and I'm just spinning my wheels, Too little and i'm starving.  That 1828 is a moving target. That is my TDEE. I recommend you calculate your own. I set mine to aggressive. Because I am eager to push my limits and strive for my prize. At this pace I should be at the goal in 126 weeks. It's sobering to put it in that mind set. I wont be there by my birthday, but i will before i'm 33.


Thanks for reading. I love you.