NSV: Increased Avg Step Count


New Lingo! NSV means Non-Scale Victory. Its the kind of thing you can cheer me on for, that if I manage to keep up, will lead to a successful journey to Onederland. (Onederland is having a scale weigh in the 100's) A lot of my advice and Lingo and attitude is coming from having spent hours reading posts over on Reddit. A community where you can be motivated by what others are posting, or get some affirmation by posting about your own situation.

Reddit can be unwieldy to first time users, but once you get the hang of posting in the right r/ aka Subreddit you'll be in for some smooth sailing.

Here is last weeks activity:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.40.47 AM

As you can see there is some suspicious holes in the data. Like 5:00pm Monday -6:00 AM Tuesday. We will have to assume that is accurate. That I went home and laid perfectly still for 13 hours. What more likely happened, was I set my phone down but that is neither here nor there.

Wednesday after work I really went for it. I set up my Treadmill in front of the TV and used it for 2 hours while watching my shows with my wife. I fully expect to be able to proudly point at next weeks chart and say, look how much better this weeks is. I fully anticipate that is going to be the case. Because. Look at the week previous:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.44.47 AM

I would try and justify this to you, but, facts are facts. Except Friday. Friday I was home sick, just laying on the couch. It was what made me feel like I needed to start getting back to it. That and being at an all time high on the scale.

I have also re-located my Withings Pulse™. I intend to try to better capture data for the next Monday's "Last Week In Review" post. Something I want to keep at to make a habit of looking at my data so that I can get better. You can't know what you don't measure.

List of things to improve on for next week:

  • Be more consistently active aka less back to back hours of inactivity.
  • Track sleep
  • Weigh in 2-3 times a day to get more data points for a real rolling average.
  • Reach 10K steps at least 3 days this week, Ideally all 7.
  • Beat "M" in steps every day. (details in post script)
  • Log every meal in MFP
  • Post two articles on 360to180 a week (excluding the week in review)
  • Spend more time using the standing function on my Varidesk™

Now, With all that said, It looks like a large list, But I am fairly certain, they are all things that will be easy to fit into my day. I just have to pursue them each day. For example, I did just switch from sitting to standing while typing up that bullet point. Tracking sleep will be easier now that I have relocated my Withings Pulse™. More consistent activity will be a tad easier as I have also picked up Rocksmith 2014 to help me practice my bass guitar skills. in 2009-2011 I was in a rock band playing in Deep Ellum, in the best shape I'd been since then, I met my wife at one of the shows, it was the best time of my life. So getting the dust brushed off the old 4-string and getting back to standing for 45-90 mins playing 5 minute songs back to back to back, will be a fun way to get some more lifestyle activity back into my situation.

As far as the step goal of 10k a day. well thats what the tread mill is for. After work I will need to make up the difference each night. This is made easier by watching my tvs shows while walking. but also, the distance around my workplace is roughly 850 steps. I am going to go take a lap as soon as I publish this post, then again after lunch, and probably another time in the 3-4p time frame.

As before, I appreciate you taking the time to read my journal. I make it public for myself, to have that fear that internet strangers are reading along, and when I slip up, they will be there to remind me that I made promises, that I set goals and let them down. I hope anything I accomplish serves to fuel your own desires to take better care of yourself. When I started this 3 years ago or so, I was 355 pounds. Today I am 389. I let myself down. But I am not letting that stop me. I have renewed interest in my own well being and "I am back to save the human race." -Radiohead


p.s. Withings™ can let you set up a leaderboard with your friends. "M" is my older brother, a  3rd degree black belt, vegan, father of 2, commute by bicycle kind of guy. So he is constantly ahead of me on the leaderboard, but. By an achievable amount. I haven't yet seen him accomplish a single 10K day. So, the sibling rivalry is working to urge me on.