Trading an hour on the couch for an hour on the treadmil


Last night I decided to really get started. I had all the tools, but none of the self motivation. something clicked recently and I just decided. It's time. so I walked 2 miles an hour for an hour last night with two separate one minute 6mile per hour jogs. I have read up on the C25K and feel like I will just continue W1D0 until I feel like its a habit and not a fleeting burst of inspiration. Afterward I went back to the couch but I do feel the renewed sense of purpose, after a little time on the couch my legs went completely numb, so I got up and went to check the mail, and do some laundry. but then back to the couch. The goal tonight. is to push it to 90 mins of walking. I'll have to do it as soon as I get home, because tonight I'm also going to see Lacuna Coil here in Dallas.

Sorry this post quickly turned into my blog. Here are some Data Points. SW:355 CW:389.6 GW: 185 Male 30