Big thanks to Rose.



Recently I was at breakfast at a convention in Orlando. With nothing to do, I was scrolling through my Facebook on my phone. Rose, a friend of mine, posted about her recent run and various details. It inspired me to turn this down time into a visit to the Fitness Center at the hotel. I got in there and traveled 3 miles on the tread mill and lifted various weights. I just want to thank her again for the encouragement. 

It reminds me that any downtime. Can become workout time. Every steps counts on the way to 10,000/ Even if I didn't have access to a fitness center, I had 2 hours to kill, so a quick walk around the building would have been better than eating liquid eggs that the hotel was serving. 

Also, I kept track of my playlist for this particular work out, Here it is if you are interested in what goes on in my headphones when I'm raising my heart rate.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 4.15.40 PM