Week 2 of the Withings Health Mate Steps Counter


Hello there!

So we are at the end of week two for this round of refocused workouts. Boy did I slip up this week. But as I have said before, and I will go on to say again. It's okay to slip up. Don't punish yourself to the point where you quit. Just keep trying.

Try the best you can, The best you can is good enough... -Radiohead (Optimistic)

So here we go.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.41.14 PM


As you can see from this week view. I had a rough start to the week. As I got going though I started to feel really good about Thursday and Friday. Then Saturday I felt like rubbish, I moved all of 200 steps. Living in a ~600 sq foot apartment, this means I moved the length of my apartment approximately 4 times, all day. Although this is an unfair assessment of my day, there where times I went out to smoke without my phone since it was on the charger. But I'm not making excuses. I failed saturday. I spent 16 waking hours on the couch watching Netflix and playing EVE Online. 

But there is a silver lining here. Sunday, I got right back to it. I made my goal. Instead of kicking myself and tanking a second opportunity for better living. I strapped shoes on my feet and set myself on the path to success.

And today, as I write this I am post goal for Monday. The first goal-on-monday since I started using the Withings Health Mate steps counter in april. Here is the Day View for today:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.58.25 PM

As you can see my big challenge of the work week. The work day. I work in a typical office setting. Lots of sitting. Lots and lots. But as I have said before. I need to harness time during the day. Corral it into my workout plans. But being summer in Texas its 100+ degrees outside, and I'm morbidly obese. These two things don't mix well. Yet, excuses don't get me to my goals. So Hopefully this time next week I'll be telling a different story.