Days off are alright? right?

Damn straight they are, But it really is better if you plan them. I wandered into an unplanned back to back two days off. Sunday Megan, my fiancé reminds me we are going to a dinner party, the danger here is the hosts are cooking. They don't know I'm trying to eat sensibly. Compounded by the hosts long time friend status of my fiancé I indulged in some craft beer and burgers. All while just sort of hanging around the house. It was a really lovely time, great company. But I didn't reach my intended steps for the day and was a bit bummed out by that. I am of course responsible for my own failing. I really should have capitalized on my morning free time to get some steps in. So the lesson learned here is to capitalize on any moment of free time. On the weekends I generally wake up a solid 2 hours before Megan. This is a magical time where I usually collect my thoughts into drafts on my blogs. I have decided to use this time for a quick walk to the gas station. I can even pull double duty here. My headphones have that sweet microphone on it. So the plan of attack is to dictate some ideas on the walk. When I get back I can sit down and move them all over into posts.

Monday night, day two of the unplanned break. I work with my parents and mid work day, post lunch. They remind me that Megan and I where coming over for dinner. Foolishly I squandered my lunch break at work, had I planned this out, I could have walked to work, walked for lunch, then walk home. I would have easily cleared my 5 mile goal. But of course. My forgetfulness got the better of me.

Living roughly 1 mile from work provides me a sweet 2 mile round trip task, But to capitalize on it I have to start getting out of bed earlier each morning. So my lesson, and thing I want to change is to begin a sleep regimen. I have to start getting myself into bed by 10:00pm and set a dozen or so alarms for the 6:00am hour. This will need co-operation with setting my workout clothes out before I go to bed. That way I can get up and slap those puppies on, head to my apartments gym for an hour, come home shower change and then walk casually to work.

I will be reporting on my success or failure in this attempt in a weeks time. I try not to force myself into radical change, so these next couple of days will be my "A for effort" days and I plan to have it become my routine by August.

Thanks again for reading my blog.