Using Water as a Medicine : Drinking Water On Empty Stomach

Using Water as a Medicine : Drinking Water On Empty Stomach. I am re-blogging this from an article I read, I'm going to try it for a while and see what changes I notice. Shouldn't be that hard. I always have a gallon jug of water by the bed. (incase of alien invasion)

A current trend in Japan today is drinking water immediately after getting out of bed. Scientific tests have confirmed the medical value of this practice. This water treatment has been confirmed by Japanese medical authorities to completely cure certain diseases, whether they are more serious or simply mild afflictions. A list of these diseases follows.

Headaches, Body aches, Arthritis, Heart problems, Epilepsy, Obesity, Tuberculosis, Meningitis, Kidney diseases, Vomiting, Gastritis, Diabetes, Constipation, Uterine diseases, Ear and throat diseases

The Method

1) When you wake up, before doing anything, drink four 6 ounce glasses of water, or 160 milliliters. (If for any reason you cannot drink this much water at one time, you may start with as much water as you can drink, then gradually increase the amount.) 2) Brush your teeth and perform basic oral hygiene, then wait 45 minutes before eating or drinking anything. 3) After the 45 minute waiting period you may eat and drink normally. 4) Once a meal is completed, do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours.

Specific Diseases

Using the above method, the research indicates the number of days the regimen must be followed to cure each disease.

High blood pressure – 30 days Gastric problems – 10 days Diabetes – 30 days Constipation – 10 days Cancer – 180 days Tuberculosis – 90 days Arthritis – use the method for only 3 days the first week, then return to the regular daily regimen

Using this treatment method has no side effects other than increased urination at the beginning of the program. Drinking water and staying healthy and active are ways that will better out lives. Including this water drinking regimen will also help you to stay healthy.

Both the Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals instead of cold water. Cold water slows down the digestive process and solidifies the oily foods you have just eaten. Once these solidified oils react with the stomach acid, it is absorbed more quickly by the intestine and lines the intestinal wall. The long term accumulation of these digested oils can lead to cancer. Perhaps Western cultures should adopt this practice, as there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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