Holy Crap!


bilingual-holy-crap-bag-and-cup-400px So, for a christmas secret santa I had Amazon deliver this to my friend since it was on her wish list. I have since then been very curious about it. Does anyone else follow the "Gluten-Free" lifestyle? I have a couple friends who do, but I'm not sure if its for health, or if it's because its just fashionable. The only reason their motives are suspect is they are form a group of people who decided to meet because they use the website Reddit. The quality of people at a Reddit meet up is suspect at best. But There are some truly great people there too, you just have to weed out all the horrible people that would prefer to make fun of you than agree to a completely reasonable statement. Anything they are unfamiliar with becomes topic for ridicule. But thats not why I'm writing today. Today, I'm curious about HOLY CRAP. Let me know if you've tried it and If it had any effect on the righteousness of your colon.

The gluten-free connection and Holy Crap cereal.

via The gluten-free connection and Holy Crap cereal.