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I was reading posts in my Facebook fitness group (if you want to seriously do anything find groups that talk about that thing). That's where I found this post. This is only the first bulb, Click on the link at the end of the article for the full story. What I found really interesting is his jump off, These first steps are critical and reminded me, that its a 3+ year project, and to keep at it. Keep at it. Keep at it.

My transformation began in 2011.

  • This is a picture of me in 2011 weighing roughly 240lb @ 5'9" age 22. Clinically obese, class II.

  • Shortly after that picture was taken I decided I needed to get my weight under control. I had become clinically obese and I wasn't happy physically, emotionally or spiritually.

  • Having no experience with the gym or dieting I didn't know where to begin. I'd heard of counting calories and I knew "running makes you fit" so I downloaded Lose It for iPhone and began eating in a deficit and running on an elliptical a couple times a week.

Here is fat me running on an elliptical...

  • In the beginning it was really easy to lose weight, the hard part was sticking to it. Going into a caloric deficit from eating an obese diet such as my own was as simple as cutting out sugar. For a while this was awesome. I cut out sugar, boom, 10lbs like that. I stopped eating breads, boom, 5lbs like that. Mind you, I was running on an elliptical daily. I wasn't sure what was working so I kept doing it all.

  • This strategy got me down to about 180lbs as you can see in this really shitty selfie (circa Sept. 2012).

  • I got so good at being a cardio bunny that I hiked the Grand Canyon. It was epic!! (Nov. 2012).

  • In the above picture (Grand Canyon) I was doing an insane amount of cardio and trying to remain in a caloric deficit. I was getting pretty skinny but was still fat. I think the term to describe myself at this point would be skinnyfat...

  • I kept using my strategy of caloric deficit and high volume cardio through 2012 and most of 2013. My tricks for dropping weight had now resorted to a more severe zero carb diet.


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