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I wanted to share with you an exchange that happened on my Facebook the other day. here it is, identities obscured for their protection, but they will know who they are.
After a week off due to general laziness, and possibly depression, I'm back at the gym! — at 24 Hour Fitness - Castle Hills, TX.
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  •  Matthew Ryan Robinson Thanks for the support dudes!
  • Lawyer friend: The biggest lesson I've ever learned about breaking a habit or picking up good habits is not to let one missed day or one mess up make you feel like you've failed. Tomorrow is a new day or even later in the same day is a new opportunity to begin again. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to keep going.
  • Lawyer friend: ps. fish oil helps with winter depression. We put it in smoothies - you can take it as a pill too.
  •  Matthew Ryan Robinson Funny enough, I've been taking fish oil since I started this process in 12/30/13.
  • Matthew Ryan Robinson But I totally agree. It's the keep going. It's all in the keep going.
  •  Lawyer friend: Woo! So depression for other reasons? Sorry to hear. Oddly enough - exercise gets your endorphins up and prevents depression.
  • Accountant Friend: Motivational issues are similar to writers block or a creative drought; you have to compromise with your laziness by agreeing to do something that requires little commitment.

    Vonnegut's solution in writing was to have your protagonist start off looking for a glass of water, then see where it takes you.

    With working out, just tell yourself "all I'm going to do is go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes." And sometimes that will be all you'll do, and that's fine. I know from experience. Hell, if you did that three times a week that's actually pretty ok.

    But other times, just being in the element in a small way moves you to do a little more. You're there, so why not?

    And remember, there's no such thing as a bad workout.

Fitness Friend: Tell yourself to thank yourself for going back to the gym.
It, Feels pretty awesome to have that many people in my corner. It's encouraging, that after I admit i stumbled, they are here to level me out and keep me moving. Drai Zich!
If you need a support group for your fitness goals. just search for local ones on Facebook. I am a member of 4 in Dallas, they all have great advice, and tips. When i don't feel like going to the gym, they remind me, its not an option. Go, and keep going, that way later you will have already gone.