"Oh god 50000 words I just want abs I didn't want to major in literature where are the Cliffs"


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So, More research done. I was pointed in the direction of this Wikia Guide to Fitness Goals. It was a bit Harsh, which is appropriate, as the articles main author's screen name is 'Harsh' It is from 4chan, but it also is well documented. The third thing that made me feel good about it, is the section about Vegetarianism and Being Vegan wasn't hateful. It just states that finding high protein sources is harder but still doable with more research.

I also am a fan of this passage:

Two things should be clear:

  • Persistence.You need this. You don’t have to stick to the following 100% of the time; but every little bit you slip up detracts from your overall results. The amount of time and effort you put into developing and maintaining your physical fitness is directly proportional to what you will get out of it and the magnitude of the results you will see. Pick something and stick to it, and start immeditately.
  • PatienceThis takes time. You can lose about 1-2lbs of fat a week, or alternatively build up to .5lbs of muscle as a male, and less as a female. This is not a quick process. You must stick to a routine and diet in order to achieve your goals.

That seems very sound. Although I have managed to lose 14 pounds in 2 weeks, I strongly believe that is because i'm so far from my goal. But like 'Harsh' says, Persistence and Patience. It's why I Started a blog, to keep me Persisting, knowing that I'm going to have to talk about it at some point, So I have to hit the gym and I have to eat right, so I can pop on here with good news!

His article is also pretty humorous at times, and covers a lot of common questions. Like this little gem:

"I want the quickest way to lose weight that is not completely idiotic!"

The quickest legal way is something called PSMF by Lyle McDonald. The quickest way, period, is adding illegal drugs to your exercise+diet combo. I do not really know much about drugs, but googling clenbuterol + DNP + Cytomel/T3 is probably where you would start. Just remember that drugs may be illegal in your country and are most definitely dangerous.

I DO NOT ADVOCATE DRUG/STEROID USE. With that said, I find it hilarious that he wash't bashful in saying the truth, I find the whole article to be very thorough.  I won't quote too much more of it, I'd like you to read the whole thing yourself. But remember this is a source from the internet, this person is in no way an expert or guru or hell, even a doctor for that matter.

Hopefully some of this information was useful to you, and remember I'm still trying to stick to a vegetarian diet plan, and encourage anyone starting a diet to do so also. I find that if I'm not choosing to eat meat, I have way less low quality meat i.e. fast food or Walmart quality. I have twice eaten meat so far, once at Fogo de Chao (superb!) and once at taco bell (I nearly immediately had diarrhea). So back to it, gotta focus on the GBOMBS!