Day 10: What the hell? I gained weight...


Despite doing everything right, when I got on the scale this morning I had gained 1.1 lbs. But Im not discouraged. This could be due to a problem with the scale yesterday. I mean, who loses 2.2 lbs in a day? That was exciting, but probably a flaw in the scale. I am thinking about upgrading to the brand new Withings Scale. as it will also give me my resting heart rate. Which is something I am very concerned about. Getting to my weight is a terrifying thing. There is huge margin for Heart disease, Failure, attacks, and all kinds of bad shit. So looking at the photos below, You need to know that it is currently 11:33am CST on 1/10/14 therefore, i haven't done lunch or dinner or the further exercising either. I did walk to work today. Its Approx 1.3 miles door to door. I feel that if I add this in to my routine that is a free 2.6 miles every weekday. I also made my diary at MyFitnessPal available to my friends. so if you're my friend on there you can go to my profile and see what I'm eating and what exercises I'm doing. I tried to label my meals by time frame. So you'll get a good estimate of when I'm eating along with what I'm eating.