Day 8: Selective vs. Restrictive


Hey, There is a term i've been repeatedly running into that I rather dislike. It refers to the way you chose your meals. That term is 'Restrictive'. I feel that it carries a metric shit ton of negative vibes. This is not conducive to positive change. So lets abandon that term when discussing a new diet, lets try 'Selective' instead.

Your brain is wired to react to impulses. Or so my meager understanding of science has lead me to believe. With that I draw all my following conclusions. Negativity breeds negative results. Or at least fosters them. I assert that if you use a more Positive synonym, the results will trend towards positive outcomes.

One thing to avoid, like the plague. Is self defeating talk. "If only's" and "Yeah right" need, and beg, to be replaced with "soon" and "let's try it". Later in future articles for this Blog I hope to uncover and divulge information that will make you react so violently that you may spit. Followed by a double take.

But for now, I urge you to keep the power at your command, be selective. Don't try to follow restrictions. You're the master of you. You chose to get out of bed. You chose your outfit. You chose weather to shower or skip it. Don't stop there. Choose whats in your fridge, and pantry. Choose something on the menu at the restaurant. Be selective. Be successful.

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