Total Nutrition in Plano


I visited Total Nutrition in Plano and Got more than I was expecting, I asked the guy about things to help lose weight. He wrote out a meal plan. Picked out some protein shakes, and BCAA's and Fish oils, and Vegetable replacement shakes and so on. I purchased all of it to give it a try, see photo: 1503377_969322978767_461978448_n

The Meal Plan:

Meal 1 Breakfast: 7:00am

4 Eggs, 2 EFA (fish oil) pills, 2 Detox Pills

Meal 2 Snack: 9:30-10:00am

Protein Shake

Meal 3 Lunch: 11:30a-12:30p

Protiens, Carbs, and Veggies

Meal 4 Snack: 3:30pm

Fruits and Greens Supplement

 Workout: 5:05p (immediately after work)

During Workout: BCCA's

After Workout: Protein Shake (with 1/3 less water than normal)

Meal 5 Dinner 6:30p-7:00p

Protein, Fats, Veggies, 2 Detox Pills and 2 EFA

Meal 6 Snack 8:30p-9:00p

Protein Shake if still hungry

When I mentioned that all my research had led me to think Vegetarianism and Vegan is the way to go. He scoffed. Then asked, What animals are vegans: Hippos and Elephants. What animals are strictly meat eaters: Tigers and Lions. This was humous to me. But know that it is a weak comparison. The factors that go into being over weight are not limited to plant/animal food sources. Factors such as distance walked in a day, time spent sleeping, alcohol consumption, etc.

The guy was very nice about it, and since I am just starting out in the realm of understanding health and fitness, he's been at it for 20+ years. I'll start this quarter trying it his way, we'll see what happens when I run out of the first batch of stuff I purchased from him. He got me for $245 already, so when that runs out I have a good budget to try various other methods.

I'm hoping that MyFitnessPal will have a way to export my meal journal so I can share it with you. If not you'll have to become a MyFitnessPal friend to see my stats. Or i'll have to post screen shots.

Also, I am a member at 24 Hour Fitness in The Colony. If you need a workout buddy, message me, and I'll meet you up there sometime.