Day 1 - You have to start somewhere.


Withings: Die Online-Waage What is this?

The day after christmas I reached an all-time low with an all-time high on the scale. That is when I made the choice to start focusing on this issue.

About me: Im 28. White Male. From Dallas Texas. I make roughly 40k a year. I live within 1 mile of my office. I don't own a car, but have access to one from work. Here is my 4 most recent Weigh ins from my Withings Scale:

Date Weight (lb) Fat mass (%) Lean mass (%) Comments
Tue, Dec 31 2013 12:18 AM 359 47.64 52.36
Mon, Dec 30 2013 8:33 AM 360.2 53.75 46.25
Fri, Dec 27 2013 7:38 AM 361 55.78 44.22
Thu, Dec 26 2013 12:11 AM 360 45.98 54.02

First Work Out for this blog.

Tuesday, December 31st, 2:00pm 

Elliptical for .75 miles in 10 mins

Lat pull down, 2 sets of 10 at 85lbs, 2 sets of 10 at 100lbs.

Steam Room. 5 mins.  

(this isn't very impressive, but its a start)

Some of the changes I have already began.

  1. No More Soda, Alcohol (with exceptions), Or factory prepared food stuff.
  2. Moving toward a vegetarian style diet, with hopes to go full vegan.
  3. Membership to a 24 hour fitness Super Sport.
  4. Started this blog to be motivated to stay on top of my activities.
  5. I've made my close friends and family that I'm making this change so they will supportive.

Some of my goals for this Blog:

  • Explore motivators for weight lose. i.e. does using a tracking app or armband activity tracker have an impact?
  • Explore the diet pill craze. green tea extract? green coffee bean? Garcinia cambogia? which of these actually work? likely none of them, but we will see.
  • Compare and contrast diet hierarchies. Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Soylent, or omnivore.
  • Vitamins. Which ones should you be taking no matter what diet your on.

All this and more, I have high hopes for myself and this blog, hopefully we will see it through and by this time next year the plan is to be in the weight range 250lbs +/-

I also hope to have checked in with you guys at least once a week, with the weeks worth of weigh ins from the Withings scale. I also hope to pick a exercise app that will let me export my data and share with you all. We'll see.