DAVID JOSHUA - Folk/Singer-Songwriter/Rock- Addison, Texas

ARTEMUS - Prog Rock/Electronic/Pop - Grand Prairie, Texas

AMERICAN STRANGE - Noise - The Colony, Texas


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Songs by our artists


ARTEMUS, Grand Prairie, Texas

Mostly known as the lead vocalist and drummer of Progressive Rock band, Another Year Colder, Art Fernandez has most recently been writing songs for a forthcoming solo album, the ‘Signs of Life’ EP, due out very soon. When not working on his own material, he continues to work with various artists including Another Year Colder, David Joshua, and American Strange as well as producing music for many local artists such as Original Formula.

DAVID JOSHUA, Dallas, Texas

David Joshua is a singer/songwriter who hails from Dallas, Texas. Known for his commanding baritone, passionate performances, and authentic music, David takes people on a journey through song.


This is my personal playground for sounds spaces, do not bother listening
— m

Songs by our Friends

Below is a selection of local or indie artists we support with the same fervor as our own artists.
Please do me the favor of listening to a track or two from each group.
The local and indie scene is a community, and we are here for each other.
— Matthew Ryan Robinson, President, Band Handlers
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It all started when…

In 2007 M was the Bassist for David Trust and The Weathermen . As that band grew he took on more and more of a role booking gigs and fillings spots on shows with other local talent. When the band transitioned to being named American Strange, the group fell apart, and it now exists as a bedroom noise outlet for M.

Looking to capitalizing on his experience playing shows and connecting with the local scene a few of the local acts, Velvet Guard, Another Year Colder, and Art of Mistrust to name a few asked him to step in as a manager. To help them promote their music and find it a wider audience.

M believes in these local acts and many of the others he has had to good fortune to work with.